About us

Greetings, dear readers! We’re here to share a glimpse into our world, a world where anonymity dances with stories, and the unconventional finds its place in the tapestry of existence. We are a couple, yet not one that fits neatly into the conventional mold society often seeks to impose.

In the corners of this side of the world where we reside, societal judgments can cast long shadows. Unfortunately, this means we navigate a delicate balance, yearning to open up and share our identities while recognizing the intricacies that bind us to discretion.

We’d love nothing more than to introduce ourselves openly and authentically, revealing the faces behind the words. However, we cannot… In this digital space, we’ve found refuge in the freedom that anonymity affords, without the weight of societal expectations. The wish list!

Our love story is not bound by geographical constraints or traditional narratives. It’s a narrative that weaves through different landscapes, cultures, and moments that transcend the ordinary. This blog is not just an exploration of our unconventional relationship; it’s also a chronicle of our adventures across the globe. Or at least, that would be the ambition.

Ours is a Journey Beyond Norms, and we hope you are that kind of person who can embrace and like that too.

thanks for passing by, BS